Keeping Afloat

Classes don’t stop just because we have midterms… neither do papers, projects, extracurricular activities, or other responsibilities. So, it can be a pretty tiring time for students; well, for me at least it is.  In the beginning of the semester it’s easy to start off strong, but day after day of homework, studying, and taking quizzes and tests, I get mentally tired! BUT, while being a student here at PCC, two things have kept me afloat during this past week of midterms.

God’s promises in His Word have kept me afloat. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of information you have to know for a test? Or as if you have no strength to do what you have to do? I do sometimes, but thanks be to God who helps us! Lamentations 3:23 says, “They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness” and I Thessalonians 5:24 says, “Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.” Yes, there are things in life more important than midterms, but why shouldn’t we involve Christ in our academics? While being a student, I’ve learned that Christ is just as concerned when I ask Him for help in my studies as He is concerned when I ask Him for “bigger” things.  Granted, I need to do my part and study, but God has showed me time and time again that He will bless if I sincerely do my part. Midterms week, or academics in general, has been such an amazing time for me to experience God’s love and faithfulness as I learn to trust Him for the “little” things.

Something else that kept me afloat was to know that Bible Conference would start right after midterms were over!  Bible Conference is a three-day conference in which we have no scheduled classes and hear men of God preach God’s Word several times each day.  Chris has blogged on Bible Conference already, but I want to tell you of a Pensacola Christian College tradition that always happens before the opening Bible Conference service: a Bible Conference picnic on College Field.  Only morning classes meet that day, and we have the rest of the day off until the first service at night. The picnic is provided by PCC’s special events team. The theme this year was "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."

It was a beautiful, sunny day and just a perfect time to not think about school and just relax and have fun with friends!  Lined around College Field were several food stands (with cotton candy, ice drinks, etc.) and game stands.  My favorite part was that we could rent Frisbees, soccer balls, volleyballs, and other games to play with our friends. Some of my friends used some balls from a nearby game stand and came up with their own game of juggling—very entertaining to watch. So, whether people wanted to just sit, eat, and fellowship with friends, listen to the school band play, or engage in a fun game of ultimate Frisbee or soccer, the picnic was a time to de-stress and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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  1. Laura Howell

    I loved the picnic! The food was great, and the weather was wonderful. My favorite part was the frozen lemonade ices! *yum* 🙂 It was also neat hearing the symphonic band play during the picnic. It was such a relaxing time–the perfect prelude to another fabulous Bible Conference.

  2. Daniella

    I enjoyed the picnic as well. It was the perfect way to end classes for the week and kick off the Bible conference. The theme and the activities were awesome:)

  3. Abe Haven

    Leticia, I believe you hit the nail on the head! So many times when I try to do this “college” thing on my own strength, I find myself floundering. But whenever I look to my Father, he carries me to unimaginable heights. I once heard it said that if we can trust God for the most important thing in our life (salvation and life eternal), we certainly should trust God for EVERYTHING else. PCC has helped me learn to trust God every day because of its challenging academics and wonderful spiritual focus. Thanks, Leticia, for the verses and timely reminder.

  4. Darian DePerte

    Sounds like so much fun! Thank you for those verses. I will definitely bring them with me when I go to PCC this Fall. (: I’ll use them even now as I prepare to wrap up my senior year of high school. (:

    What a cute theme for the picnic! I’m happy to hear the Bible Conference went well. (:

  5. Karisa Messinger

    I’m a junior in highschool and I’ve been looking into PCC for college and it looks incredible! I really like all the blogs, its helped me to see what is like from the students perspective it all sounds great! I hope to visit during college days next year and hopfully be able to go there in the future!
    Thanks Again for all the insight=)

    • Shannon Wood

      I’m a high school junior also! I was able to visit the College Days last week, and PCC is amazing! I really feel God leading me there, and I hope that if it be God’s will, you would be able to visit and attend there also! What do you hope to major in? (For me- nursing.) =)

      • Karisa Messinger

        I hope to major in Criminal Justice! It would be great to know a couple people my age thats going there so if I go I wont be a complete stranger! If you know what I mean=) I hope to go down and visit next year but I live on a dairy farm so that is a hard thing to do cuz my parents wouldnt be able to attend. I hope to go with a friend and her family if she decides to go check it out=)

      • Shannon Wood

        I totally know what you mean! I don’t know a soul on campus, so I agree~ knowing someone would be nice. =) I hope you have the chance to visit! I was able to visit last week, and I loved the campus!! What year do you hope to apply for? (I hope to go to PCC in the fall of ’12.)

      • Karisa Messinger

        I want to apply for Fall of ’12 too=) but I don’t know if I will be able to or not? I hope so tho! I guess I’m just gonna have to see if God leads me there or not=)

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