AKP Wolves Hit the Ice Hockey Game

Hey everyone! Kristi here! And I am so delighted to be a part of the new Pensacola Christian College blog! I would absolutely love to share about one of my awesome experiences here at college.

As a freshman it may seem like it's difficult to become part of a school, but once you're part of a collegian there's no denying you're a real student. Let me begin by telling you all that I am part of the best collegian on campus. We call ourselves the Alpha Kappa Rho Wolves. (Of course everyone thinks their own collegian is the best, but I've got to hand it to you, we have a pretty amazing group of girls!) =)

Moving on! Every spring, each collegian has the privilege of choosing an activity for their outing. Well, our collegian picked the Ice Flyers hockey game, followed by a relaxing night at Camp o' the Pines. We were all so excited!

After practicing cheers andย making fan t-shirts, we girls were ready for some ice hockey action. When the game began, everyone in our collegian was sitting on the edge of their seats ready to jump up and make some noise for the Ice Flyers. We had cowbells, cheers, and well -- our high-pitched girl screams. This whole scenario may seem a bit silly, but all of our hootin' and hollerin' sure paid off when we won a free pizza! They even put "Pensacola Christian College" up on the screen. The Wolves brought the SPIRIT!

After the game, we girls made our way to Camp o' the Pines to play games and eat even more pizza =) (Hey! Sounds like my kind of night!) It truly was an outing I will always remember. I made some amazing friends and loved screaming my lungs out at the Ice Flyers hockey game!

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  1. Abe Haven

    Thanks for your blog, Kristi! Sounds like Alpha Kappa represented PCC well. I have never been to an Ice Flyers game, but our collegian has been considering it for a future outing. Was the actual game action interesting enough to keep a bunch of guys entertained?

  2. Elenice Bosniac

    As an avid hockey fan (of the Detroit Red Wings in particular), I can heartily recommend ice hockey as a sport to keep people entertained! Unlike baseball, the action never stops. With the first smack of the hockey puck, the players run full steam ahead crashing up against the sides, piling up on the ice, hipping, hooking, grinding, and facing off. It’s quite an passionate game to say the least! Abe, you will DEFINITELY be entertained!

    I think it is so great the Wolves chose this for their activity … and proud to hear PCC received some free advertisement as well! Way to go, girls!

    Thanks for the info, Kristi!

  3. Hannah Whittington

    Oh, that sounds so fun! Wow, PCC just sounds like such a blessing and I can hardly wait to get there…

    • Lindsay Bates

      Hi ! My name is Lindsay and I will be a freshman this fall ๐Ÿ™‚ Are going to be a student this fall as well ?

  4. Kaycee

    AKP is definitely the best collegian ever!! ๐Ÿ™‚ That was such a fun night.

  5. Keelin DePerte

    That sounds like so much fun!! I can’t wait to get to PCC to experience all of this! Thanks for this information!

    • Leticia

      I agree Kristi, being in a collegian is so much fun and such a great way to meet new friends and get involved. Opportunities are open for students to be officers such as running for president, vice president, secretay, chaplain, athletic director, treasurer, chorister, or league rep. I beg to differ that the Bears (Delta Gamma Rho) is the best collegian…. hehehe:)!! I am excited for our stag in two weeks, which will be a day of shopping in Folley and lunch at a nice restaurant. Always Delta Gamma!:)

  6. Barry

    Collegians were such a blessing during my time at PCC. I’m now a graduate, but I will always remember my weekly collegian meetings and semester outings fondly. I just can’t say how proud I am to tell people that I went to such a God-honoring school as Pensacola Christian College.
    Gooooo Kniiiights

  7. Kayla

    Our collegian did the same thing that night! It was a blast hanging out and getting to know the other girls in my collegian and showing our collegian spirit off.

    The game was good – it was my first ice hockey game ever and I enjoyed it.

    But I would definitely say that Omega Delta Rho is the best girls collegian on campus ๐Ÿ™‚

    Go Hurricanes!!!

    • Lauren

      Thats right Kalya Hurricans is the best collegian on earth. Really what collegian do you know that stay on there stage outing till 6am Saturday after leaving at 5pm Friday. We are the Hurricanes and we are the best

      Lets here some hurricane pride, comment on this all you hurricanes

  8. Kristi

    There ya have it folks ๐Ÿ™‚ Collegian pride! Ha! I can’t wait until Greek Rush when all the collegians get to show off their school involvement to the incoming freshman! I am super excited to experience Greek Rush from a sophomore’s perspective! I know that being a part of the parade and decking out our collegians booth will be a blast!

    (And, Abe, I would highly recommend a hockey game for a guys collegian outing– if y’all like sports!)

  9. Adam

    Wow girls, all this boasting about your collegians. None of them holds a candle to the AXD Hawks, and nobody has cheaper Stag prices!! “Lower!”

    “Cha-cha!” (that’s pronounced kah-kah, FYI, with some real hawk spirit.) “Random…” lol we have a lot of hawk slang.

    – “Pergl” (that’s some more hawk slang for ya!)

    • Lauren

      I beg to differ on that one our collegian outing was only 8 dollars and we went to an amazing hockey game, Cicis, and the Camp O’ the Pines. We left at 5pm and didn’t get back until 6am the next morning. Now that what i call having a great stag outing.

      GO Hurricanes

      • Adam

        Well last year, ours was two bucks for an absolutely awesome night at the camp of the pines. And then we got a $2 refund. Doesn’t get much LOWER than that! Cha-cha!

      • Adam

        Oh and we went to Cici’s too.

      • Lauren

        Sorry Adam but the Hurricanes still are the best!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brent Chaney

      That’s right Adam. Hawks rock!

  10. Jessica Ross

    hey kristi!..wow! sounds like you guys had an awesome time at the hockey game!:)…i love hockey so i know it must of been great!

  11. Abigail Gillion

    WOW i see there is a Timberwolf on here. Hey there fellow memeber of the pack.
    we should do this for an outing. sounds like it would be great fun!

    • Jessica Ross

      hello!…YA we should do this for next years stag. Are you going to the stag on April 30?:)

  12. Abe Haven

    Okay, I’m getting a little tired hearing all this stuff about the Hawks because the WOLVERINES RULE CAMPUS!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Marina

      I second that ๐Ÿ™‚ I am a huge wolverine fan!

  13. Darian DePerte

    Wow that sounds like so much fun! Hockey is a great sport. I can’t wait to start my freshman year this Fall at PCC and go to Greek Rush! Thank you for talking about the different collegians because now I know a few to look for. (:

  14. Elissa

    This sound like so much fun! I just cannot wait! I am a PCC hopeful (aka I am still in high school but PCC figures largely in my future plans)

    • Lauren Marvin

      Thats awesome Elissa, to be in highschool but have PCC in the future what year are you? I am a junior this fall and have loved ever moment of it. I think that you will enjoy it throughly.

  15. Amber

    Sorry guys, but the Wolves are the best collegian on campus!! Go AKP!!!!!

    • Stephanie Bowman-2006 Graduate

      Go Wolves! I must say that being in a collegian was very exciting! I was in the Wolves in college, and now my sister-in-law is also in the Wolves! Here is my advice to all incoming students: get involved! There are so many opportunities to be involved with your collegian–that’s the only way you will truly enjoy it! AKP!!!

  16. Katelin N.

    Alpha Kappa Rho is by far the best collegian on campus. I slightly a second generation to the collegian because my sister was on the Wolves also. Go Wolves!!!

  17. Manny paringit

    Alpha kappa rho. Long life

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