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Hello! My name is Leticia, and I am so excited to be on the PCC blog! The semester has been flying by, and no two weeks are the same. Let me tell you about my favorite day of the semester so far… the Parade of Nations! We had a Missions Conference that lasted four days in February. Several missionaries came to the conference, and we had the amazing privilege to hear from them in chapel, talk to them, and watch several video presentations of their ministries. The opening of the Missions Conference was the Parade of Nations. Over 300 students (I being one of them!) from 54 countries participated in the Parade of Nations.

People from each country were asked to dress in typical/native clothing. There were eight people in my country group, Brazil. We had so much fun “dressing up” for this event. We are all from different parts of Brazil, so there was a “nordestina,” a “cigana,” a “bahiana,” and much more. The day of the parade, everyone gathered together in the back of the Crowne Centre for a delicious continental breakfast and then a devotional. I had such a good time taking pictures with friends from all over the world. Seeing all the different clothing people wear around the world was so interesting!

Seeing friends from literally all over the world in one college, as brothers and sisters in Christ was really encouraging and a huge blessing to me. Although we speak different languages, wear unique clothing, and have different customs, we can all be united in Christ! I believe many hearts, mine included, were touched by the Missions Conference this year.

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  1. Marina Nadykto

    Amen! I also was in the parade of nations, and it was amazing, definitely the highlight of my college life here. Seeing all of the different nationalities and cultures, we definitely have a family from all over the world here. I guess thats what makes it so special here, is that we are all from different parts of world, and God brought us all together to this wonderful place to grow and glorify him… incoming freshmen you will not regret coming here, keep your heart open to where God leads you.

  2. Christopher St.Clair

    Yes! I loved the missions conference. Especially when they invited all of the missions majors to eat with the missionaries one evening at the four winds. That was such an encouraging time and a huge challenge to me. Praise the Lord!

  3. Julie Hunter

    I really enjoyed the parade of nations! One thing that was amazing to me, was to see all the different countries that are represented here at PCC. God really has his people everywhere in the world!

    • Lauren

      Thats right Julie, I never realized that so many people from all over the world can get to gether in the same place at the same time.

  4. Olivia

    I am going to be a freshman next year at PCC. I am definately looking forward to the Parade of Nations, the Missions Conference, and the other opportunities down there. I will be coming down in June for Summer employment! I can’t wait!

    • Lauren

      Olivia thats great hope that you have an enjoyable time.

    • Patrick Barbosa

      My name is Patrick I am going to be a freshmen at PCC this fall and I cant even begin to exsplain how excited I am to take part in the student body of PCC! I am excited to see what God will do through me and all the people that i come to meet at PCC!!

      • Lindsay Bates

        Hi Patrick , I am also going to be a freshman at PCC this fall . I am so excited about the opportunities I am going to have ! I cannot wait to see what the Lord has planned for me at PCC. I am home schooled and we actually use the A Beka videos, so I will be coming down to Pensacola for my graduation in May. I am really excited to visit the campus again , and to come down for college in the fall ! I love missions , and I feel that God is calling me to somehow work in them as a nurse . So I am excited about all the activities that will be taking place on campus .

      • Olivia

        Hi Lindsey Bates,

        I too am doing A Beka video program. I too will be coming down in May to graduate. I too will be attending PCC this fall. I am actually going down in June to work for the summer. I am SOOOOO excited. See u there in May!!

    • Lindsay Bates

      Hey Olivia! It’s awesome that you are coming down,I am so excited to meet you! I hope to make some friends at graduation, so that when I come back in the fall I will already know some people 🙂 What is your last name? We could look for each other when we get there in May! 🙂 I am so excited to make a new friend 🙂 God bless you! 🙂

      • Stephanie Bowman-2006 Graduate

        Lindsey and Olivia–I am so happy to see you all are coming down for graduation! I also did the ABeka Homeschool program (then it was VHS!) and came down for graduation. What an experience! It was the first time I had seen the campus, and I was blown away! It was a VERY easy adjustment for me coming to PCC after graduating through the homeschool program. Good luck, and I really hope you both enjoy the activities! Keep God first in your life, and you can accomplish anything!

  5. Sergio Castillo

    Yes, Missions Conference! Dr. Pittman brought the Word. I love hearing from missionary minded people; it puts life back in prespective.

  6. Rachel

    The Missions Conference was definitely an amazing part of the semester. It was so heart-warming to see all my fellow students from all across the world file into the Crowne Center. My favorite part of the Missions Conference was when we had a missionary nurse come to our Fundamentals Nursing class. She talked about her work in the clinic in the Ivory Coast. We were able to ask her questions regarding our own desires of using nursing as a missions tool. Her insight was so encouraging. It is amazing how God keeps using the activities and people of PCC to draw us closer to Him. I can’t wait for the next Missions Conference in two years!

  7. Lisa

    Yes!!! Missions Conference was such a blessing..I have always loved seeing all the many people from around the world gather into one place, glorify God and all He has done in our lives..Dr. Pittman hit the nail on the head every time he brought God’s Word..Along with the speakers in Chapel..

  8. John Loo

    Missions Conference was AWESOME!!! It was really cool to see all the different countries that were represented by our PCC students in the Parade of Nations. As a Missions major, I also had the privilege of eating dinner with the missionaries on Tuesday night, and what a blessing that was! I always enjoy talking to missionaries who are in the mission field doing work that I hope to do myself someday. This missions conference, the Lord really challenged me to be in constant prayer for world missions, as missionaries need all the prayer possible!

  9. Joyce

    I will be a freshman at PCC this fall, Lord willing, and I had heard from my cousin who is at PCC about the Parade of Nations. It looks like so much fun! What was really interesting was that as I read Leticia’s post I wondered what country she had represented, and to my surprise she represented the country where I was born and am MK in! I can’t wait to one day be a part of this!

    • Abigail

      Wow!! This is so amazing…I am also a MK from Brazil and (was born here) and Lord willing I will be in the dual enrollment program this fall!! I wonder if I will get to meet you Joyce..that would be great to know someone that knows my culture!!

    • Leticia


      That is so neat you are an MK to Brazil! We have quite a few MK’s to Brazil here at PCC as well as Brazilians. It will be amazing to have you join PCC too!

  10. GrahamCostigan-Cripps

    I used to attend PCC, and this was definitely one of my highlights, It is so awesome to see many countries representing God and come together as one

  11. Paige Mueller

    Missions Conference was awsome. This was the first one I’ve been to here at PCC because I am a freshmen.

  12. Tobin

    I’m looking into PCC because they offer seculer courses, and yet a Christian college. This event is a prime example! We need more Christians going out into the world and PCC is the place to start!

    • Lauren

      You should definately come .you won’t be sad that you did.

    • I agree. Pensacola Christian College is a Liberal Arts college which is a great place to prepare Christians for many different areas of service. PCC provides many good programs to choose from while maintaining a Christ-centered education. We need more Christian lawyers, doctors, teachers, police officers, and politicians in addition to those in full-time ministry.

  13. Jennie

    I will b going PCC in the fall and I am so excited! I love all the things i learn and I am gla God has led me such a wonderful college 🙂 I hope to learn a lot and grow closer to God while I am there!

  14. Tsadaalu Beetem

    Hi. My name is Tsadaalu Beetem. That sounds hard name but you will learn it someday!! I am so excited about coming to Pcc in the fall!!! I am at ABC right now and I am have a blast!!! Great time with awesome friends!! i can’t wait to see what God has in store for me!! Thanks and may God bless!!!

  15. Shana Brosius

    Hey thats me! gracias Leticia 😀 te quiero 😀

  16. Billy Kirn

    Missions conference really blessed me and helped to show me the sacrafices the missionaries give in order to spread the Word of God.

  17. Robin D'Abate

    Hey Leticia!

    It is such a huge blessing, and a great learning experience for me when I see the Missions conference! I really enjoy seeing all the diversity the college offers. So many different people from so many different cultures! I could learn from them forever! 🙂
    I am glad the semester is keeping you busy! I miss you Leticia!

  18. Perla Higuera

    Que Bonita foto!!
    Thank you for being soo nice!!
    God Bless always!
    Have a great day! 😀

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