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Pensacola Christian College is an amazing school, and you just can’t tell how special the spirit is on this campus simply by looking at a picture of our beautiful buildings. What makes this place so unique is the atmosphere created by the godly, faithful, joyful people around here—this is a great ministry to be a part of!

We are so excited to start this blog so that you can get to know the people here a little bit better. Our student writers are gearing up to write their first posts, but while we give them some time for that, you can get to know a few students who have written some things in the past. As Dr. Mullenix said, for the past couple years, some of our students have volunteered to write e-mails telling about our college. Enjoy reading a few of those e-mails, starting with this first one by Megan, who (at the time of writing) was a brand new freshman getting ready to begin college life. We hope that someday you, like Megan, will be able to come join us here on campus.

Here's Megan's post; check back soon for more!

Wow!!! I can’t believe it’s almost time for the school year to start—the moment I’ve been waiting for this whole summer has arrived. It’s almost time for college! There are so many great things about college to look forward to; even picking out a new comforter for the dorm room has been a blast as I picture getting settled in my new room.

Pensacola Christian College, Campus PostMy name is Megan, and I am an incoming freshman at Pensacola Christian College this semester. I have chosen to be a physical education major with mathematics education as my minor. I am eager to start a new chapter in my life and to be able to pursue the major that I feel God is calling me to. Being a freshman in college could sound intimidating at first, but once I start thinking about all the new opportunities, for instance new friends, the new rock climbing wall, the feeling of being on my own, and preparing for what God has in my future, college life sounds really great.

I’ve experienced a little bit of PCC life already through the summer work program the College offers for incoming and returning students. I’ve been able to earn much of the finances I’ll need for this first year, and I also got to meet new people and participate in the many activities on campus. My favorite activity was the Wacky Olympics. We played many random games that included water—there was no chance of coming out of that activity disappointed or dry! Spending this summer on campus has gotten me even more excited about being a student here.

Pensacola Christian College, Campus PostI’m especially excited because I’m planning to room with my best friend Rachel. It’s going to be so much fun rooming with my friend!! I can’t wait to be able to make more memories with her and others. It will be fun getting to know my other roommates, and I’m sure we will become good friends.

Picking a collegian is another neat opportunity that I’m looking forward to. During the first week on campus, freshmen get to pick a collegian during what is known as the Greek Rush. Collegians do many different things, but I am most looking forward to being on my collegian’s sports teams. Even if you don’t feel that you have the time to play on an intercollegiate team, collegians allow you to get involved in intramural sports like volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, or even broom hockey.

I hope this gives you a little taste of soon-to-be college life and helps you get excited about moving to a new place and a new atmosphere.

Best wishes,


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  1. Marina Nadykto

    I love Megan and Rachel! I am glad they are both here, and what Megan said is definitely true, this college experience has definitely been life changing!

  2. Patricia

    I am so glad to read testimonies like this one, My daughter Jimena Flores is a freshman too and she loves PCC, she has grown spiritually and enjoys been there, my second daughter will be going this fall 2011 and she is really excited about going, because of all the great stories she hears from Jimena and from you Megan, thanks for your story, it encourages the young people to choose PCC.

    • Olivia

      Hi Mrs. Patricia,

      I too will be a freshman in fall 2011. I will be working the summer there too. I am so excited. Maybe I’ll meet your daughters.

  3. Paige Mueller

    My name is Paige. As a freshmen, I started to work the summer. It was the best thing that has ever happen. It was a great opportune to learn what campus life is like and getting to meet new people. It was not so overwelming to get started with classes because of staying the summer. I learned that making friends fast was the best because than I wasn’t as homesick.

    • Julie Hunter

      Hey Paige!
      You are right that coming in the summer does help you get ready for being at college and away from home, without having classes!

  4. Julie Hunter

    I am a sophomore here at PCC. I am excited to see that we now have a bolg where my family and friends will be ablle to see what poeple here at PCC are saying!

  5. John Loo

    I know Meagan! And Rachel! And yes, PCC has been a wonderful place to learn!

    • Joel

      I agree with everything in the above post!!

  6. Janelle Benson

    God has used PCC to help me grow closer to Him. I am so thankful for all my caring and godly teachers! Praise God for raising up a Christian College like this, for such a time as this!

  7. Paige Mueller

    If you ever want to learn what campus life is like without the hassle of classes come work in the summer time. You get to learn where everything is and what the letters stand for when someone says something like the ac or the dha. It is less stressful for you especially if you are a freshmen like me that has never visited the college before coming to work.You are more prepared to take on college when the semester comes because of the fact that you are more prepared.

  8. Paige Mueller

    Greek Rush was alot of fun. You were able to go around and look at all the collegians that were available. Some had duck tanks while others had root beer floats but all trying to get you to join their collegian. The best thing about the Greek Rush was that you got to choose which collegian you wanted to be in.

  9. Lauren

    Great post all of you and I know where you come from ,
    I’m a sophomore and homesickness was a big part of my freshman year, but with God’s help and the help of the great friends I’ve made here at PCC I still here and in two years hope to graduate.

  10. Lauren

    Just to let all you in coming freshman know hurricanes is the girl collegian to join and the tornados (our brother collegian) is the boy collegian to join. You will have tons of fun and you won’t regret it. Garunteed!!!!!!

    • Darian DePerte

      Thank you for the tip! (:

    • Beth

      I would have to respectfully disagree. The Hurricane’s are cool, but the Bobcats are better! (Bet you can’t guess what collegian I’m in, hehe!) Seriously, most collegians are great, but the main factors in how much you like your collegian are your attitude, and the other people in your collegian. if you don’t get involved, you’ll miss a lot of opportunities to meet new people, and make some friends for life. As a graduating senior, I am grateful for the collegian God put me in, and the friends I’ve made. Sigma Beta Rho!

  11. Paige Mueller

    Working the summer was the best thing that has ever happen to me. I learned that PCC had the work program through my math teacher.

  12. Darian DePerte

    I am so excited about this new blog PCC has set up! I’ll be an incoming freshman at PCC this Fall 2011. I can’t believe it’s finally coming. I’m ecstatic about going off to college and can’t wait til I board the plane. Reading these posts and comments make me yearn for the fall even more, but I know in God’s time, I’ll be there soon enough. It’s great to read these comments and see that some of you are also going to be freshman this year and I hope to meet you all sometime! Thank you for this blog! (: God bless! (:

    • Lauren Marvin

      Great to hear some incoming freshman posting on the blog, we all are more than happy to answer question and help with pretty much anything. Hope to be able to meet you in the fall.

  13. Rachel

    Rachel and Megan are two of the godliest girls on campus (in my opinion). I just want to encourage all of the incoming freshman to start praying now for the friends God will give you in college. The people you hang around will often make or break your time at PCC. Even though PCC is based on Christian principles and guidelines, there are those students that are not the most godly examples. Just be aware of that and be praying now that God will bring people into your life to grow you and make into who He has designed you to be. Whether it be your roommates, your chapel buddies, or the people you sit next to in class. If you let it, your time at PCC will change your life.

  14. Patrick Neiswinger

    I am very thankful for an institution in which the Bible is the central focus. PCC is just that. In an age of great compromise PCC still stands for the truth.

  15. Shushanna

    Hello, I’m a PCC hopeful. Hopefully everything works out and and by God’s grace ill be in for Fall 2013 i’m very much excited about coming to PCC have heard some horror stories but reading these post brings about a whole new prospective.
    I have one question. How do u go about getting into the work program the summer before freshman year begins?

    • Shushanna, I’m excited to hear that you’re planning to come in Fall 2013. The summer work program is open to those who have a final acceptance by February 1. A letter is sent to those applicants who are eligible for the summer work program in February, and you will need to complete the application that is included. You would start work sometime in June 2013.

  16. Tiffany W.

    I am also coming to PCC in the Fall of 2013. I plan to work in the summer too. I’m so excited to see what the Lord has planned for me.

  17. Nikki

    Hey!I will be a junior in high school next year and was planning on boarding at the College.Can anyone give me any info on as to when i should apply and if i am eligible to be in the summer work program?That would be awesome if you could.God Bless;)

    • If you are planning to attend our high school boarding program, you would not be eligible for summer work before you attend. Once you graduate from high school, you would be able to work during the summer, including the summer before your freshman year of college. I would encourage you to apply no later than October if you are attending next year.

  18. Nikki

    Great thank you Mr. Shroder:)

  19. Nikki

    Hey my mom wants to know how many high school students board there yearly?Thank you

  20. Nikki

    Ok thanks so much you have been a great help:)is there anyone i can talk to if we have any more questions?

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